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Requirements and Advantages

Terrain Requirements

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The terrain is of no significance for this kind of construction.

This house can be built up on any kind of terrain. It needs a foundation with specified water-supply and sewerage taps and power supply, prepared preliminary design of the house. We can offer sample and individual projects with different square surface.

Advantages of the Log Houses

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Wood is a unique building material that creates a genuine natural atmosphere. It is good for any interior. It gives the home a special air of individuality and coziness. The advantages of the log houses are manifold.

Some of them are:

  • Ecological materials
  • Short construction time and high quality
  • Heat and noise insulation
  • Low expenses for heating
  • Hand-made details that add a unique character
  • Easy maintenance
  • The wood absorbs or releases the excess moisture, thus regulating the humidity, the oxygen balance and heat exchange, which create comfortable living conditions.
  • Wood does not cause allergies, so these houses are anti-allergic.


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