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This type of construction is relatively new in Bulgaria but it has been very popular in many countries for hundreds of years. In fact, the houses built of wooden beams last forever! However, the necessary requirements on technology and assembly must be complied with. The logs have heat insulation parameters that largely exceed the characteristics of the brick and concrete walls. The noise insulation is excellent.

As a matter of fact, these houses are resistant to earthquakes because the structure is three times lighter than the conventional building.

The technology used in the manufacture and assembly of the houses of BL Sport Company - Samokov is one of the most modern technologies in the world of log houses.

We use high-quality timber. The process starts with log sawing. The obtained timber is sorted, then dried in a kiln until it reaches humidity of 10 -12 %.

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The next step is impregnation with Resistol 6213 for protection against mould, insects and termites, manufactured by Aru Timber Protection - England, and special preparations against burning. All visible timber details are treated with water-soluble stain, ground coat and varnish manufactured by Via Varese - Milan - Italy.

The walls are built of rectangular wooden beams connected by joints and forming a cellular bearing structure.

The exterior wall is a wooden beam with sizes 9/13 cm, followed by a bituminous felt, 10 cm stone wool, a polypropylene foil and 1.6/13 cm wooden paneling on the inside.

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The roof structure is constructed from wood as well.

The eaves are sheeted with wooden paneling. Heat insulations are fitted to the exterior walls, ceilings and roofs. The roofing material is selected by the client - metal or ceramic roof tiles.

The joinery is wood joinery, meeting the European standards, produced from three layer laminated wood, own manufacture. Doors, plank-board flooring, balconies, stairs, rails are produced from massive wood.

All electric fittings are laid in high-burning-point ducts in order to ensure the house's safety.

The whole process from the logs to the finished product is carried out in our factory, under our control which is a guarantee of the houses' quality.

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