Manufacturing and technology

Benefits of the technologies used to build prefabricated log houses

Benefits of BL Sport Houses Ltd.’s prefabricated log houses.

Wood is a unique construction material that creates unparalleled atmosphere and perfectly fits into any interior giving the home personal touch and comfort.

Prefabricated log houses offer many benefits:

  • Environment-friendly material
  • Heat- and soundproof
  • Low heating cost
  • Hand-made details to customize
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wood absorbs and releases excess moisture thus regulating the humidity, oxygen balance and heat exchange and creating comfortable living conditions.
  • Since wood does not cause any allergies these homes are referred to as anti-allergic.

This type of construction in prefabricated log houses is relatively new in Bulgaria, but it has been very popular in many other countries for centuries. Houses made from rectangular logs are virtually eternal provided that the right technology and installation techniques are respected.

Thermal insulation properties of wood are far better than those of bricks or concrete. Soundproofing is also excellent.

Over time, prefabricated log houses have proved beyond any doubt highly resistant to seismic activity due to their special structure.

BL Sport Houses Ltd, Samokov, uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture and assemble its prefabricated log houses. Only top-quality wood is used.

Manufacturing process

The process starts with sawing the timber. The logs obtained are sorted and then dried until the required humidity level is reached. The next step is impregnation to protect the material against fungus, insects and termites, and special flame-retardant treatment.

All visible wooden parts are then coated with water-soluble mordants, primer and varnish from leading European manufacturers.

Particularities of BL Sport Houses’ prefabricated log houses

The walls are built of rectangular logs connected by joints and forming a cellular supporting structure.

The exterior wall consists of 9x13 cm logs followed by a layer of bituminous felt, 10 cm mineral wool, polypropylene film and inner siding made of 1.6/13 cm planks.

The roof is also made of wood.

The eaves are sheeted with wood panels. Thermal insulation is installed on exterior walls, ceilings and roof. The client is offered two options for the roof cover: either sheet metal or roof tiles.

In-house made joinery from three layers of laminated wood meets European standards. All doors, flooring, balconies, stairs and rails are made of solid wood.

All wiring is installed within flame-retardant piping the improve the home safety.

The whole process from timber to the complete house takes place in our factory and under our control to guarantee high quality.

Auxiliary Production

Along with building your home or as a separate order, we offer:

Wood railings and facings
Three-layer wood joinery with fittings made in Austria
Doors made of solid wood or quality MDF
Quality custom-made furniture
Wood paneling for bathrooms, saunas and sanitary premises
Saunas and Russian baths for every taste and every home